Top 3 Trends in Corporate Event Styling

In recent years, corporate events styling has really ramped up with grander, bolder, and more intricate displays being executed. Gone are the days ...
Top 3 Trends in Corporate Event Styling

In recent years, corporate events styling has really ramped up with grander, bolder, and more intricate displays being executed. Gone are the days where a white-walled function room, with a simple display and table scattered with pamphlets would suffice.The new wave in corporate events styling has been spurred by the increasing number of companies recognising the value that a well thought out and styled event can bring to their branding and reputation. This is because a beautifully styled and executed event can really make a positive impact on prospective clients, strengthen relationships with current customers, and spread favourable word of mouth through the masses. 

To unleash the marketing potential of corporate events, careful planning, great attention to detail, and a generous sprinkling of creativity is required to make the vision a reality.

Here are our top three styling trends in the Sydney corporate event scene.

1. Grand Floral Displays and Arrangements

Florists, particularly those with more contemporary styles are increasingly being commissioned to spearhead the decoration of corporate events. The presence of beautifully arranged blooms provides a captivating visual experience for guests and creates a real sense of luxury and whimsy. Large ornamental displays, entryways cascading with fresh flowers, sprawling centrepieces, bold colour palettes, and unusual bloom combinations has been the hallmark of modern floristry in corporate event styling. Florists have become more fearless with their designs and allowed their imaginations to run wild, creating enchanting landscapes that transform bland conference rooms.

When it comes to contemporary corporate event styling, the mantra “bigger is better” has never been more true. One example of this shift in philosophy, is the explosion in demand for pampas grass. This fluffy, yet hardy grass, native to South America, has appeared at many a runway, product launch, afterparty, etc. This recent obsession with pampas grass has come about, as they can grow to an astonishing 12 feet, are incredibly long lasting and can be dyed any colour to suit the feel of the event. When used tactfully, pampas grass is a wonder to behold, inspiring awe among onlookers, whilst also giving off soft and cozy vibes.

The unique touch that talented florists can add to events is second-to-none, and their keen eye will continue to be utilised in corporate events styling in the foreseeable future.

2. Earthy Feels & Australiana

The second trend that has picked up steam in corporate event styling, is the utilisation of more unconventional flora, such as Australian natives. This has been influenced by the growing preference for seasonality and sustainability, as well as locally-grown materials. More and more corporate events are looking inward and celebrating the natural resources already available to us, but in a fresh and innovative way. Australian natives are in high demand, as they provide such a unique flair to any corporate event with their quirky shapes, distinctively bold colours and unreal textures. The use of Australian flowers and foliage has grown in popularity, as it departs from more typical floral aesthetics and leaves a more enduring mark on attendees.
Some varieties of native plants and flowers that are being used for corporate event styling, include:
- Waratahs
- Banksias
- Golden Wattles
- Kangaroo Paw
- Bottlebrush
- Eucalyptus
- Grevillea
- Pink Rock Lilies
- Ivory Lace

The rustic appeal of Australiana and the embracing of native flora has become a go-to in the corporate events sphere, as it feels homely yet possesses an edge that is quite unforgettable.

3. Integrating Interactivity

Another corporate event styling trend that has become quite prevalent is the incorporation of interactive elements to draw in and engage the crowd. In today’s digital age, attention spans are shorter than ever, so events are increasingly being designed to be as captivating as possible. For example, corporate events often have ‘Instagram-worthy’ areas with bold signage, beautiful floral displays, and/or kitschy ornaments to lure people in and entice them to contribute to the event’s dedicated hashtag.
A shout out or post on social media is essentially today’s seal of approval, so the volume of interactions that occur can provide an easy metric for corporations and event planners to gauge a corporate event’s success. The integration of an interactive element in corporate events allows attendees to feel more connected to the festivities and can provide free, wide-spread exposure through their event/brand advocacy via social media or word of mouth.

The POHO team’s wealth of experience in corporate event styling and floral installation design can bring elegance, edge and grandeur to any event, no matter how big or small. Our talented and dedicated team of experts will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that your vision comes to life and your event becomes an unforgettable experience.
For more information on POHO’s corporate event styling, please click here.

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