Orris - Le Botaniste

    LE BOTANISTE artisanal botanical soap is an earthy scented bar that combines​ freshness of sweet Moroccan mint tea and Bohemian decadence of Patchouli. It​ is an homage to the provincial garden...

    Orris - Le Nomade

    LE NOMADE artisanal botanical soap is an ode to ​hunter-gatherers​ as well as ​pastoral nomads​​ and travellers, such as the​ Berb​è​re peoples of North Africa, ​many of whom migrate by following...

    Orris - Le Soliste

    LE SOLISTE is a minimalist and fragrance-free essential to compliment every skincare regimen. The inclusion of Postbiotic Fermented Rice Water dates back to a long tradition of use in Japanese cleansing...

    Orris - LA DÉESSE

    LA D​É​ESSE artisanal botanical soap combines the seductive floral top note of Egyptian Geranium anchored by the sharp herbal scent of Camphor to evoke Nature’s fine balance between the Apollonian and...

    AYU Incense Scented Candle

    Incense is a peaceful offering for clearing and renewal. Notes of pine, oudh, and cedarwood are blended with nagamotha, spice and sandalwood, inviting clarity and balance. 240g, set in glass vessel....

    AYU Rose & Oudh Scented Candle

    Rose & Oudh pays homage to the intoxicating scent of the wild rose wrapped in smoky oudh. White and Moroccan rose blend with saffron, amber and sandalwood, oudh, cedarwood, amaryis and...

    AYU Saffron Flower Scented Candle

    Saffron Flower is the transcending glow of an Indian sunset and the soft, earthy breeze that blankets the air. Notes of saffron, thyme and jasmine are anchored in frankincense, amber and...

    Kakawa Chocolates - 9pc Gift Box

    Kakawa 9pc handmade chocolates gift box


    Rock rose follows a modern day journey through ancient civilisation, history and wonderment. Wrapped in honey, Persian saffron, labdanum, sandalwood, balsam of Peru and summer touches of Indian Jasmine.

    Poho X AWC Tote

    Our friends at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy are working tirelessly to rehabilitate the landscape and our native animals. Help us support the AWC with this beautiful co-branded cotton tote. All proceeds will...

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