To Mum, With Love: A Guide To Mother’s Day Flowers

Before we begin, Mother’s Day falls on the 10th of May this year, so please put it in your calendar now and save yourself from rushing to a local s...
To Mum, With Love: A Guide To Mother’s Day Flowers

Before we begin, Mother’s Day falls on the 10th of May this year, so please put it in your calendar now and save yourself from rushing to a local servo and buying a wilted bunch of last week’s flowers. 

Now that we’ve averted a Mother’s Day crisis, we can all agree that mums deserve nothing but the best. Mums are there for us during our triumphs, and even more so at our lows, so on their designated day we should make the extra effort to show our deep gratitude. To clarify, extra effort doesn’t necessarily have to translate to organising a parade and marching band. A simple home-made card laced with kind words and a thoughtful, hand-picked bouquet can speak volumes, and give your mum all the warm fuzzies. 

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the contents of the card, but we can help with the flower-side of things. Here are our top picks of beautiful Mother’s Day blooms to create the perfect bespoke arrangement, and celebrate the main woman in your life.


Tulips are out in force for Mother’s Day. Tulips are known for their bold colours and beautiful shape. Currently across the Sydney Flower Markets, there is an abundance of tulips in all sorts of colours and varieties. The blooms have three petals and three sepals, but since the sepals are almost the same size and shape as the petals, tulips appear to have six petals to a bulb. This creates a beautiful symmetric form that makes them so popular for en masse floral arrangements.


Chrysanthemums are quite a popular Mother’s Day flower in Australia, as ‘mum’ happens to be at the end of its name. However, we love chrysanthemums for Mother’s day as their blooms are undeniably beautiful, they come in a diverse range of shapes and colours to suit any taste, and are abundantly available during the month of May. Since they are in season, the quality of chrysanthemums are particularly high as they are at the peak of their beauty. Chrysanthemums are a great choice for your Mother’s Day bouquet, because the wide variety available gives you the freedom to add a more personal touch and truly tailor it to your mum’s personality, or favourite colour.


Orchids are a great gift for Mother’s Day, as they are long-lasting and possess a striking beauty that is unlike any other flower. An orchid is the gift that keeps on giving, because they can continue to bloom for weeks or even months after they have been received. The enduring nature of the orchid can serve as a daily reminder that you are thinking of your mum, not just on Mother’s Day, but beyond. The brilliant colours, unusual gradients and unique markings of orchids will be sure to impress on Mother’s Day, and highlight the care that was taken when choosing the perfect one just for her.


Much like peonies, roses are a very classic flower that never fails to wow. The delicate arrangement of petals on a rose and its sweet, lingering scent has made this bloom the go-to for almost every occasion. We love recommending roses for Mother’s Day, as the extensive spectrum of colours available allows you to express exactly how you feel and perfectly execute whatever vision you have in mind. The versatility of roses means that you can go for a chic, minimalist arrangement, or create a more playful and fun bouquet using unorthodox colours, such as peach, mauve, and orange. So, whether your mum enjoys the finer things in life, or is a little more quirky, roses have you covered.

We hope this brief rundown of our flower suggestions helps you surprise your mum with a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day. If you would like a little more guidance with picking blooms, or would like to order one of our beautiful bespoke arrangements to say thanks to your mother, feel free to contact us.

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