Still Working From Home? Gift Yourself Flowers.

Transform Your Working From Home Situation with Flowers, Plants and Candles In light of recent world events, a lot of us are now spending the bulk...
Still Working From Home? Gift Yourself Flowers.

Transform Your Working From Home Situation with Flowers, Plants and Candles

In light of recent world events, a lot of us are now spending the bulk of our time indoors and working from home has become the new normal. More than ever, work spaces and private spaces have come crashing together, and it can almost feel as though there is no longer an escape from your 9 to 5. In order for working from home to be a sustainable practice, it is crucial you reclaim your home as a sanctuary and create an uplifting environment for your home office space.

Designate A Work Zone

The first step to creating a healthy balance between your home and work life, is to designate a space specifically for work. Whether it is in your spare room, on your kitchen benchtop, or dining table, it is important that the workspace that you pick is separate from your bedroom, and will help signal to yourself and others when you are and aren’t working. This helps to define clear boundaries and allows you to switch into work mode more easily.

Another thing to consider when working from home is that it can be easy to continue working long after your usual hours. The best way to avoid this, is to create a work schedule that closely resembles your typical work routine, include regular breaks and exercise, and reduce screen time once your work day is complete.


Flowers are a super easy and effective way to perk up your home office space and reduce stress. The visual beauty of blooms can serve as a welcome distraction during particularly trying work days, and help you keep your spirits high. Flowers that are naturally more fragrant, such as roses, gardenias, and hyacinths, are particularly effective stress-relievers. Bringing a piece of the outdoors into your home can help you maintain a better headspace and remind you to stay grounded. So, why not treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and inject a little joy into your work environment.


Plants breathe life into every space they are in. Plants are not only pleasing to the eye, but their addition to your workspace can help boost morale, improve productivity and inspire creativity. Indoor plants elevate the ambience by transforming a drab room into a welcoming space that oozes positive energy. In addition to the psychological effects of introducing indoor plants, they can also improve oxygenation in your home office space. Increased oxygenation can provide respiratory health benefits, detoxify your body, increase energy levels, and enhance your concentration.

Some plants we recommend for your workspace, include:

    • Spider Plants
      - Low maintenance, as they thrive in low-light environments
      - Purify air by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon monoxide and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Weeping Figs
    - Easy to care for
    - A larger variety of house plant, so will require more room
    - Cleanses the air and reduces harmful toxins
    - Helps absorb noise, reducing distractions
  • Mint
    - Low maintenance, but does require exposure to sunlight
    - Reduces fatigue with soothing scent
  • Peace Lilies
    - Thrives on neglect
    - improves air quality by extracting carbon dioxide

  • Candles, Diffusers & Incense

    A good way to relieve some stress and improve the ambience of your home office, is to use candles, diffusers and incense. This is a simple, yet effective way to promote relaxation and help soothe your body and mind during your work day. Working from home can be quite demanding and may require a great deal of adjustment, especially if it is a new phenomenon for you. The simple pleasure of enjoying a scented candle or essential oil diffuser can make it a more comfortable experience for you and elevate your mood while you occupy your workspace. Simple, clean scents, such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, eucalyptus or chamomile, are particularly calming. You might also find that turning on your diffuser or lighting a candle or incense at the end of the work day can assist you in mentally switching off and resetting.

    Being plunged into a working from home situation can be challenging. However, when you set clear boundaries and enhance your home office environment, the transition can be a more seamless, and even enjoyable, experience. Remember, your home is still your sanctuary, you just happen to work there too.

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