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Poho Flowers is a Potts Point institution and flower industry leader, providing the local community and Sydney at large with contemporary floral arrangements for home, office, weddings and events.

Poho Flower's Inzali Shwe creates beautiful Ikebana arrangements in Sydney.

Part 1 - The History Of Ikebana-Style Arrangements

Beautiful. Elegant. Classic.

It’s no surprise that the understated beauty of Ikebana-style arrangements has transcended time and come back en vogue.

Beginning in 15th century Japan, Ikebana is the art of beautifully arranging flowers, leaves and stems in a vase or container. Ikebana is a very technical discipline, with each element purposefully positioned to showcase and maintain the integrity of the flowers’ natural beauty. The principles of Ikebana place a very strong emphasis on simplicity, space, harmony and seasonality to create a living piece of art.

The beauty of Ikebana-style arrangements lies in its ability to perfectly meld the indoor space with the outdoor space, through the fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary style.

The tremendous attention to detail and technical skill applied in the creation of Ikebana arrangements is second to none.

Modern Ikebana departs from some of the traditions of classic Ikebana, allowing for innovation and new interpretations of the art form. However, the core principles still guide the execution of the style. Ikebana’s ability to evolve, whilst remaining true to its roots, has allowed it to withstand the test of time.

Ikebana-style arrangements are perfect for any home or corporate space, as it adds a touch of sophistication, helps create a serene ambience and reconnects you with the natural world.

Ikebana arrangements are a great alternative to ‘busier’ Western styles, and suitable for those looking for an ornamental piece that will effortlessly complement a simple, clean space.

Keep an eye on our blog as we'll show you how to create your own Ikebana-style arrangements at home in Australia. For more information send us an email enquiries@poho.com.au or call through to our Sydney Florists on (02) 9331 4333. 

All images were supplied by Poho Florist, Inzali Shwe. You can find more of her work on Instagram @inzoooo.

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