Office Plants: The Secret To Boosting Productivity for 2020

As the workday wears on, it’s almost inevitable that your performance will begin to wane. The minutes seem to drag on a little longer, you can’t se...
Office Plants: The Secret To Boosting Productivity for 2020

As the workday wears on, it’s almost inevitable that your performance will begin to wane. The minutes seem to drag on a little longer, you can’t seem to stay focused on the task at hand, and your deadlines are getting closer and closer. This feeling is all too familiar for many, but is there anything that can be done to change this usual downward trajectory in productivity?

The answer may be as simple as adding a few green friends to your desk or office. Not only do they add a cute aesthetic to your work environment, but they are also functional and can do wonders for your morale, mood, and wellbeing.

Here are some of POHO’s top recommendations for plants to perk you up, keep you focused, and bring a piece of the outdoors into your workspace.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are a hardy, low maintenance plant that can thrive in low sunlight environments, making them the perfect option for those who work in cubicles or offices that have very few windows. Spider plants are a great desk plant as their presence can help relieve stress, and provide clarity during those especially chaotic workdays. However, the most significant benefit of having a Spider plant is that they are exceptional at improving air quality. Spider plants help purify stale office air by producing oxygen, absorbing carbon monoxide, and reducing airborne allergens, pollutants and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that may compromise lung health. Spider plants are great, as they can help create a healthier work environment and a more pleasant place to be.

Weeping Figs

Weeping Figs are another excellent option for those looking for an office plant that is easy to care for and does well in limited light. However, they are a type of ficus tree, which means they will be a little larger than your average desk plant and naturally more suited for larger office spaces. It may be a little intimidating to bring a tree or two into the office, but Weeping Figs can be kept at a very manageable size indoors and the benefits they provide are well worth it. Weeping Figs are highly-rated for their air-cleansing qualities and one of the best plants for reducing harmful toxins, including but not limited to, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene.
Another benefit of Weeping Figs is that they are great for reducing noise levels. Placing Weeping Figs along the edges and in the corners of your office is an effective way to absorb sounds, which helps to eliminate ambient distractions and maintain your concentration for longer.


Often overlooked as a desk plant option, Mint plants grow all year-round and are incredibly easy to maintain with regular watering. However, mint does require a little more exposure to sunlight, so it will thrive in office spaces blessed with windows. The soothing aroma of mint is great for staving off fatigue during long workdays and reducing stress levels, as it stimulates your olfactory receptors. To experience the calming benefits of your Mint plant in full force, simply snap off a leaf and gently rub it in your hands to release its essence or brew yourself a cup of delicious mint tea. Having an indoor Mint plant is a simple and natural way to reinvigorate yourself and give you the boost you may need to push through.

Peace Lilies

Another desk plant that we recommend to help improve your productivity and office space, is the Peace Lily. Peace Lilies are renowned for being ‘idiot-proof’, as they are incredibly forgiving indoor plants that can tolerate extremely low levels of light. Peace Lilies are extremely effective at extracting carbon dioxide and improving air quality, due to their broad leaves. The increased oxygenation that Peace Lilies provide help to detoxify your body, raise energy levels and endurance, as well as enhance your concentration. Peace Lilies are an easy foray into the world of office plants that provides incredible benefits for your wellbeing and workspace.

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