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Florists: The New Floral Stars on the Hotel Scene

Florists: The New Floral Stars on the Hotel Scene

Hotels are taking their decor to the next level by enlisting florists to revamp their spaces and create a multi-sensory experience for their guests. Instead of the usual dinky flower vases and potted plants plonked on the reception desks of hotels, floral arrangements are now taking centre stage, with their presence in hotels more purposeful, intricate and often grandiose.

Spurred by the age of social media and their snap-happy clientele, major hotel chains are increasingly recognising the value in curating their spaces to be ‘Insta-worthy’. Not only has this proven to be a great strategy for keeping guests satisfied, hotels also reap the benefits of the free advertising provided by their guests on social media.
Some of the benefits that these social media posts provide, include:

  • Exposure to a pool of potential clientele
  • The generation of positive word of mouth
  • Boosting credibility
  • Strengthening brand presence

It may seem silly that a few well-placed floral arrangements can impact revenue and customer retention, but florists are helping hotels become more relevant, make a lasting impression, and create a real competitive advantage.

Moxy Hotels are one example of a hotel chain that has understood the significant value that beautiful floristry can add to business. Earlier this year the Moxy NYC Chelsea announced an exclusive collaboration with the prestigious Putnam & Putnam to design a whimsical botanical entryway. Putnam & Putnam created a lush and whimsical entryway, that not only engages guests visually, but also welcomes them with the delightful fragrance of the carefully selected blooms. The collaboration also goes beyond floral arrangements, with Moxy NYC Chelsea housing Putnam & Putnam’s first brick and mortar store.

Moxy Hotels landmark collaboration with Putnam & Putnam has allowed Moxy NYC Chelsea to effectively communicate their ‘refined yet playful’ brand, created a significant point of difference in the very competitive hotel industry, and enabled them to develop a reputation for being an exciting urban oasis.

The magic touch that florists provide, transforms hotels from merely being a place to stay to an experience in and of itself.

At Poho Flowers, we’re the experts in perfectly executing your floral concept no matter how big or small, and for whatever space or occasion. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your hotel space comes alive, and we create an environment for your guests that is both breathtaking and memorable. We pride ourselves on the personalisation and professionalism of our service, and we will go above and beyond to make your vision a reality. To enquire about our hotel floral decoration and installation services, please click here.

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