Contemporary florals meet lush green blooms, with a classic phalaenopsis orchid. Tropical, textural and timeless. These images are an indication of the style. We will thoughtfully design you an arrangement...

    Seasonal Dahlia Posy

    A vibrant mix of local, seasonal dahlia in our signature blue posy wrap.   These images are an indication of the style. We will thoughtfully design you an arrangement using fresh...

    Sigil Anima Mundi Eau De Parfum 30mL

    Anima mundi or “world soul” represents the intrinsic spirit that connects all living things on the planet—a spirit that exists beyond our consciousness yet is present within each of us....

    Sigil Aqua Viridi Eau De Parfum 30ml

    Water symbolizes intuition and the divine feminine within us all. Capturing the gentle power of this essential element, Aqua Viridi is a fluid blend of marine accords and damp fern...

    Sigil Prima Materia Eau De Parfum 30ml

    In ancient times, prima materia referred to the formless root of all matter—a blend of stars and soil from which all things emerge, and an essential component in the alchemy...

    Sigil Solutio Eau De Parfum 30mL

    Solutio is the alchemical practice of purification and dissolution—a process of coming apart that leaves behind only the true essence of what began. Distilling precious and resinous plant materials into...

    White Potted Orchid

    Choose from either a single or double white Phalaenopsis orchid plant beautifully potted with fresh moss in a ceramic planter. The double potted orchid is planted in a glass vase...

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