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Sydney Spring Flowers - What’s Coming? What’s In Season?

Sydney Spring Flowers - What’s Coming? What’s In Season?

With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, we’re thrilled to start saying our goodbyes to Sydney’s chilly winter and welcome the bounties of the springtime. Spring brings sunshine, new life, transformation and (of course) a wide array of dazzling blooms. It’s no surprise that spring proudly boasts the greatest range of flowers, as the days are longer and weather conditions tend to be more optimal.

To celebrate and prepare for the transition to this beloved season, we have created the ultimate guide to the best spring flowers in Sydney.


Even though peonies may be late to the spring party, with flowers blooming only in the latter half of October, their undeniable beauty is well worth the wait. Peonies are a popular perennial that grow to approximately 1 metre tall and showcase large, round blooms of soft, ruffled petals. Peonies exude femininity with their fluffy flower heads and often come in a romantic colour palette of crisp whites, shades of pink, or even deep maroons. The pretty peony has unsurprisingly become a staple in many floral arrangements, particularly spring wedding bouquets and floral designs for wedding ceremonies/receptions.


Poppies are another top springtime flower in Sydney, with flowering occurring throughout the whole season. Poppies are a uniquely beautiful flower, showing off large flouncy petals atop a single, proud stalk. Poppies wow in a range of vivid colours, including pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, white, and blue. Poppies can also come in more unusual colourings, with some varieties displaying sunset gradients, or washes of soft pastels. We love poppies for their distinctive shape and versatility in spring arrangements.


Rhododendrons are prolific in the springtime, blooming from early spring all the way to early summer. Rhododendrons are flirty tubular to funnel-shaped flowers that bloom in showy clusters. They often come in bold colours, such as fuschia, purple, hot pink, yellow and orange. Rhododendrons may be less known than some of their more famous flower counterparts, but we think they deserve a little more of the limelight, as their vivacious blooms add body and a certain je ne sais quoi to spring bouquets and arrangements.


Tulips are synonymous with Sydney’s springtime, blooming abundantly for the entirety of the season. Tulips are much-loved for their classic look, flawless symmetry, and long, elegant stem. They come in an impressive range of colours, including pink, red, purple, orange, yellow and white. This awesome variety allows tulips to be all-rounders, perfectly suiting any occasion or arrangement brief. Tulips are also a great choice for spring arrangements, as they add structure with their compact flower heads, thick stems, and sleek leaves.


Waratahs are an iconic native Australian flower that blooms from September to November. Although it may look like a singular flower, waratah blooms are actually composed of many crimson flowers joined into a head. Not only is the flower itself beautiful, but the waratah is also surrounded by rich green, coarsely toothed leaves. These leathery leaves are perfect bouquet fillers and are often used to add lushness and depth to arrangements. The distinctive look of the Waratah makes them a great accent flower in spring bouquets and arrangements, as it adds a bold pop of colour, as well as texture and shape.

Looking for a seasonal arrangement styled with a selection of rich toned blooms, tailored to suit your occasion and colour palette?

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