My childhood was filled with trips to the country, picnics in the Botanic Gardens with Gran and school holidays picking plums and veggies on Nan & Pops farm. My love of nature and all things wild and wonderful started long ago and floristry has enabled me to continue that and call it work. The abundance and seasonality is what makes it all so special. That, and this amazing group of incredibly talented people I get to work with every day, not to mention the growers! Nature creates the best colours, shapes and textures, we then get to interpret a brief and bring this all together.


I would never have thought floristry was in the cards for me if you asked me what I was going to be when I grew up. I had always been creative, working in a number of different fields, mainly fashion. My Nonna was always a dominant force in my childhood, and coming from a small town in Italy, had what they call a 'green thumb'. Flowers would succumb to her touch and her garden and love for nature was infectious. Its a rare occasion when you visit and she isn’t in her garden.

As I think about my role here at Poho,  I see it as an homage to her. Combining my love for colour and shape and working with such an incredible team and product, it is hard not to get engulfed in the wonderful world of Poho.


I decided I wanted to be a florist when I was about 6 years old and I've never looked back, I've been doing it for over a decade now and can't imagine doing anything else. Being surrounded by natures beauty everyday is a privilege and a pleasure and you'll still find me squealing with delight whenever I come across something a little bit special at market. 

My work is focused on colour and tone and letting all the weird, wiggly stems do their thing just like Poho lets us weird wiggly florists do ours!


I was given an opportunity to work at Poho flowers as a junior florist whilst studying floristry at Pearsons back in 2009.

After graduating as an Interior Designer and wanting to pursue something creative with hands on work and instant gratification, I gave floristry a good go and fell in love with it ever since.That was more than 8 years ago and I'm still pinching myself that I'm still here at Poho doing what I love best, creating floral designs as senior florist for events, weddings, corporates and serving the local community at this gorgeous store. What I love most about floristry is being able to appreciate and use what mother nature has to offer with the help of our fabulous growers to transform spaces to suit an occasion, whether to create large hanging installations for events or simply putting together a bouquet as a gift for someone's home.

Trends in floristry, just like fashion changes constantly. I am always on the look out for exotic blooms, foliages and plants wherever I go. Inspirations can be found in nature itself, as well as social media, magazines and sometimes just in the backyard garden. I love my job and so blessed that I've been able to do what I love to do for this long and hopefully I get to do it for many more years to come. 

Thank you Ed and Dan for giving me this opportunity to still be here at Poho. 


I had always imagined myself doing something creative, exactly what, after high school, I wasn’t sure. Then I accidentally fell into a part time florist job which suddenly fulfilled those ideals. After a few years at TAFE, and a rose thorn or 100 I realised that there was no turning back, and how now been working full time as a florist for just under 10 years. 

Landing at Poho Flowers has been the highlight of this story. Being able to work with some of the industries most talented and genuine people has really brought my skills leaps and bounds. Give me hydrangea, blousy roses and big fat dahlias and I’ll show you what I can do!


After high school I explored a few creative career avenues such as special effects makeup artistry and Wedding planning. After completing these courses I found that working with flowers was my favorite medium for creativity. I completed my floristry course a year ago and haven’t looked back! I am continuously learning and  inspired by the amazing  flowers and florists I surround myself with daily at Poho. I find I am almost always drawn to roses instantly.They are so versatile and can create such a bold statement. I love to see how I can use them to achieve a different feel with every arrangement and bouquet I create. 


“If I were a flower I’d be a Sweet Pea... delicate and feminine yet fleeting and a little wild! Perhaps this is where my love of flowers began - in our family garden, picking Sweet Peas as a child. Or perhaps, nicknamed ‘Petal’, I was always destined to follow in my Grandma’s flowering footsteps? Through training, my passion became an official skill in 2010 and I have been happily working as a florist, amongst beautiful blooms, surrounded by wonderful flower fanatics ever since!”


I have been a florist since leaving school, first working for the family interflora business before opening my own florist shop which I ran until coming to Australia 7 years ago. 

Currently in love with all Australian native flowers but also all the seasonal flowers that remind me of England. I love tiny purple violets to huge stems of cloud like smoke bush and pretty much everything in between. I enjoy looking around galleries and the botanical gardens on my day off and i’m at my happiest when combining flowers with my love of sculpture to create bespoke bouquets and arrangements for customers to enjoy in their homes and work places. 

Working on weddings, creating installations and serving customers with beautiful bouquets for gifts and their homes is what makes me tick and I feel privileged to work with such natural beauty.


I’m coming up to my 5th wonderful year of floristry. A former hairdresser and having been long inspired to create beautiful things, ice found working with flowers as a medium to open up a new world of creativity and experimentation. I find myself particularly inspired by and drawn to really textural and other worldly looking elements and in contracts to the simplicity of one seasonal flower en masse.